Club Rowing

The School encourages girls to become involved in DMCRC club rowing, and to maintain that affiliation beyond School. The advantages will include a smooth transition between Club and School seasons.  The Club has excellent and continually improving facilities that will provide a successful base for competition at Club level.

It should be noted that pennant competition is a separate series of regattas run outside the School Regatta Program. Participation at selected Pennant Regattas for both Open & U/16 rowers forms an integral part of their training program.  For junior rowers, participation for DMCRC in the Pennant Regattas series does not form part of the program.

Whilst it will not be compulsory to compete with DMCRC girls who compete with other clubs and wish to be considered for School selection will have to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • School rowing needs are to take priority over all other rowing commitments.
  • At any regatta through to and including the National Championships, no girl will be permitted to compete for their club against Collegiate without first seeking and obtaining permission from their School coach
  • No girl in training with a School crew may train outside the School program unless her School coach grants permission to do so before every such session.
  • Girls must be available for all training and selection sessions for School crews when required and if necessary the outside club must adjust its program to allow for such obligations.
  • Girls must be available to race for the School at all regattas in which their crew is entered, even if the regatta in question pre-dates the commencement of the School Regatta Program.

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