School Rowing

The policies and procedures for school rowing at DMCRC are set out in the Rowing Handbook.

In this handbook we pass on information to help with the complexity of rowing for our community of rowers and their families. Rowing is a rewarding but demanding sport and requires a great deal of dedication by the athlete and her family.

The Derwent Mercantile Collegiate Rowing Shed is located at Pavilion Point in close proximity to the Davey Street campus. The club in conjunction with the School Rowing program ensures that all girls have access to modern boats and equipment maintained at a high standard.

For all its rewards rowing can be exceptionally demanding in terms of physical fitness and time given to training and competing. Rowing is also a very team-oriented sport. For these reasons, girls electing to row (with their parents support) must be prepared to fully commit, to be on time and properly prepared for training and competition.

Here you will find information about the rowing season, including camp dates and regatta dates. Please note these dates when you are planning family events over weekends and holidays during the rowing season to avoid conflict.

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